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Organic CBD Health & Wellness Products. Tinctures, Balms, Massage Oils, Chocolates, and Lip Balm.

Organic CBD Spa Products. Lemongrass CBD Massage Oils, Balms, Body Lotions, and Facial Serums.

About Us

We walk in the fields where our Hemp is grown, we talk with and shake the Hemp farmers’ hands, and we touch and smell the Hemp Flower used in our Premier US HEMP® products.

OUR STORY: On December 11th, 2013 Dr. Cullers & Theresa’s lives would be changed forever. Dr. Cullers was involved in a traumatic motor vehicle accident that left him in agonizing low back pain for the next 3 years. The pain he lived in was unbearable. The pain became so bad he could hardly walk.

He tried spinal injections, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. The pain he suffered from was taking over his life and he could not take it anymore.

Theresa watched how he suffered and encouraged him to get more help. He agreed and thanks to her kind words, he did get help. In 2017 he had spinal surgery. However, after the surgery, he still suffered from chronic pain. Being a natural health care provider, he searched for and tried multiple all-natural products, but none worked as well as a sample of a CBD product a family member was using. The results were amazing, so the journey began!

Dr. Cullers and Theresa began to research, personally test, and search for the best CBD products on the market. Much to their disappointment most of the CBD products they personally tested were very expensive, of poor quality, and contained synthetic chemicals, or preservatives. They knew a quality CBD product needed to be created for consumers at affordable prices, made from only the very best blend of organic ingredients and made with only the best production methods. As a result of their discovery, Premier US HEMP® was created.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS: With over 40 years of combined experience in the Health & Wellness and Spa & Beauty Industry, Premier US HEMP® is owned and operated by Dr. Jeff Cullers & Theresa Weston. Dr. Cullers is a Nationally Board Certified & Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Cannabis & CBD Advisor, Member of the American College of CBD & Cannabis, and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Theresa is a Licensed Esthetician/Cosmetologist, Registered Chiropractic Assistant, and Certified Aerobic & Aqua Aerobics Instructor.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: With over 800,000 satisfied customers, we pride ourselves on providing impeccable customer service. We genuinely care about the quality and safety of the products we personally use and recommend to our friends and families like yours. Premier US HEMP® is an industry leader in producing & distributing Hemp derived CBD Tinctures, Balms, Body Lotions, Facial Serums, Massage Oils, Pet Tinctures, and Organic Hemp Foods and Chocolates. Premier US HEMP® CBD products are preferred by Medical Doctors, Doctors of Chiropractic, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Doctors of Acupuncture, Manual Therapist, Massage Therapists, and Bodyworkers.

ONLY THE BEST: We provide Domestic, USDA Certified Organically Grown, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Cruelty-FREE, Hand Packaged, Full, and Broad-Spectrum Hemp derived CBD products. Premier US HEMP® products are made from organically grown hemp flower, aerial parts, and organic ingredients and are processed in a 40,000 sq. ft. FDA Registered & Certified GMP & Kosher facility. Premier US HEMP® products are produced by using Clean Cold Ethanol and Nanotechnology methods. Using these methods maintains the natural chemistry of the Hemp plant, and ensures your body absorbs potent, clean, and pure Hemp derived CBD.